The Culture of the Europeans (Text Only Edition)

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Building upon the methodological value of giving users insight into the workings of a software program used for text analysis, Elisa Nury examines the visualization of collation results using the tool PyCoviz. Nury aptly illustrates how to implement and refine an open source tool to examine the manuscript tradition of Calpurnicus Flaccus in greater detail. In doing so, she also demonstrates how visualization can function both as a research instrument and as a means of communication.

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Claudia Tardelli presents a fascinating report of the challenges that arise when editing Francesco da Buti's commentary on Dante's Commedia. Da Buti's manuscript has a complex tradition that includes authorial revisions on some — but not all — documents as well as numerous contaminations. Tardelli therefore makes the case for a critical edition that is based on a single, most authoritative manuscript with an apparatus fontium.

This paves the way for a proper contextualisation of Da Buti's work and see how it relates to other Dante commentaries and additional historical sources. Peter Groves, then, identifies an increasing neglect of the metre in scholarly editions of early modern texts like Shakespeare's plays.

This subtle yet significant change in editorial policy has important consequences for the way contemporary readers experience those texts.

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  4. The European Heritage.

Groves calls for action and proposes a new standard for representing metrical information in texts that would uncover and illuminate an essential feature of Shakespeare's verse. We move from Britain's bard to the national poet of Lithuania, Kristijan Donelaitis, whose poem Metai is the topic of Mikas Vaicekauskas' contribution.

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Vaicekauskas gives an insightful overview of the various editions of the poem and beautifully illustrates how editorial strategies are shaped by sociocultural and political circumstances. Since then, a number of editions have appeared based on a combination of the first publication or the surviving autograph. Goddu thoroughly reviews the latest edition and at the same time synthesizes the extant scholarship on this historical text that forever changed the way we think about our planet and the solar system.

More about this picture. Visualizing Collation Results [Full text]. Purgatorio [Full text]. To Edit a National Poem.

New Approaches to European History

Gaspar Aguilar, La comedia segunda de los agravios perdonados. Becoming the Blooms [Full text]. Ramon Llull, Vida i Obres.

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  • Volum I [Full text]. Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies — University of Maryland world conference of public history Go to this website…. Browse Index Authors Keywords. An extensive appendix, containing maps and charts of information, creates a useful reference source.

    This best-selling work has been criticized for a bias towards Poland , but this corrects merely a deficiency in the genre.

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    The shorter alternative to Davies' work at half the size, but not half the price , this Penguin history stretches from the first peoples in Europe to the late nineteen-nineties. A selection of maps and chronologies are liberally scattered throughout the text, which is erudite and balanced.

    With one eye on explaining the current conflicts and complications in Eastern Europe, Longworth examines the region through, well, prehistory to post-communism! Necessarily sweeping in tone, but very illuminating, this is a marvelous example of why too narrow a focus can damage real understanding.

    Note: aim for the revised and updated edition that includes a new chapter. Norman Davies specializes in the history of Eastern Europe, a fascinating region often absent in Anglocentric texts. The period of the Renaissance to the present is the bulk of many European history courses in the English language world. A compilation of eight essays, each discussing a different incident of revolution within Europe, including the British and French uprisings, the collapse of the USSR, and, as an example of events born from Europe, the American Revolution.

    Exploring ideologies alongside political developments, this is suitable for students and experts.

    The Culture of the Europeans (Text Only Edition)
    The Culture of the Europeans (Text Only Edition)
    The Culture of the Europeans (Text Only Edition)
    The Culture of the Europeans (Text Only Edition)
    The Culture of the Europeans (Text Only Edition)

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