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Sex work legalisation SA: Former sex workers protest against new Bill | Adelaide Now

Both sex worker advocates and the harm reduction community have learned painful lessons about the rituals of grief, the power of remembrance as resistance, and the countless ways that acts of individual violence towards our people have always been enabled and exacerbated by structural violence against our communities. All too often, even our deaths turned against us, used to legitimize further marginalization and coercion.

The New Era of Canadian Sex Work

Ending this violence requires us to lift up and amplify the survival tactics of the oppressed, while shifting resources and power towards people most vulnerable to structural violence. The broader struggle against stigma, marginalization, and criminalization calls for all of us to build and organize together. This article originally appeared in Medium. Harm Reduction Coalition. Donate Now. Contact : Workers World Party Workers World Party is a working-class party that fights against capitalism and for socialism with branches across the US. New organizers and volunteers join us everyday.

Bios from a few people on the campaign squad are below.

She oversees the Safe Bar Collective job training program, which gives four trans women of color, one gender queer person, and one non-binary person the opportunity to learn front of house restaurant skills, including serving, waitressing, hosting, and bartending. She also worked with Casa Ruby as a secretary and monitor in their housing shelter.

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She believes that sex work should be decriminalized because it's any individuals right to do what they feel with their bodies—not to mention that most sex workers are in the work for survival. As a former sex worker, she is an advocate for sex work decriminalization and investments into sex work. She now works with the organization CASS, she is enrolled in a workshop, and she canvasses in various locations in the city to talk to people about the decriminalization of sex work.

The lack of housing also causes the human trafficking predicament to rise. She is a survivor and is advocating for a better tomorrow where all people can thrive, not just survive. She has served as a peer educator and then worked in the needle exchange program. Tamika knows first hand what the war on drugs has done to the community.

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She is dedicated to helping others and working to create positive policies and laws to help those involved in sex work and drug use. Cyndee Clay is an internationally recognized expert with over 20 years experience in program development, nonprofit management and evaluation for improving the health and safety of injection and non-injection drug users, sex workers, and transgender individuals. Kendra Allen is interested in creating a world where Black people, and especially Black queer people, are able to fully express their humanity without being targets of violence.

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She believes the only way to keep our communities safe is to divest from police and prisons and invest in resources. This is why she supports the sex work decriminalization bill and is passionate about canvassing neighborhoods in the District to talk with community members about supporting sex workers.

Sex workers get new lease of life

Jonathan Butler is a queer organizer, writer, and artist. Through his work as an artist, Jonathan helps to curate community-engaged art workshops, trainings, and curriculum as a form of cultural resistance and empowerment. As an organizer with BYP DC and DECRIMNOW, Jonathan organizes through a Black queer feminist lens, curates cultural works that help empower communities, and advocates for policies that help meet the material needs of people at the margins of society with a emphasis on Black people and communities of color.

Jonathan is committed to the fight for justice, equity, and liberation with the resolve of making a more just world a reality for everyone. This includes divesting from prisons and police and investing in resources and alternatives that keep communities safe and healthy.

Jonathan believes in both the possibilities of a brighter future and the radical possibilities of change now. The organizations listed below are supporters of the fight for decriminalizing sex work and supporting the well-being and safety of people in the sex trade. The New Republic has had a first look at the bill. Their aim is grounded not just in criminal justice reform, but in more fundamental appeals to economic justice.

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Compelling prostitution and promotion of prostitution involving cases of force, intimidation, or minors would remain a crime. All those protections [for minors] are still on the books. The New York bill is the most comprehensive sex work decriminalization measure in the country, though it is not alone. In Washington, D. These bills are now landing in the early phase of the campaign—the first in which multiple major candidates are, when asked, offering their proposals on changing laws against sex work.

In a Data for Progress and Decrim NY poll released in May, Democratic voters said they support fully decriminalizing sex work by a 3-to-1 margin. And potentially, it can lead to them losing housing, and landlords retaliating against them. In the context of global criminal justice reform, to roll back these discriminatory laws in order to protect the rights of sex workers is not a new approach.

New Zealand decriminalized sex work in , and has since become the model for full decriminalization, now backed by many human rights groups and NGOs such as Amnesty International and the World Health Organization. But it is adapted for the American system, which remains one of the most punitive anti—sex work regimes in the world.

In New York City, around people were arrested on prostitution-related charges in These arrests target mostly sex workers of color, transgender sex workers, and immigrant sex workers. Ending such arrests, said Trujillo , would mark an immediate improvement for sex workers. It can demonstrate to lawmakers and to prosecutors that services for sex workers need not be tied to arrests.

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