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Picture-perfect scenery along tranquil canals, expansive rivers, historic world-class cities, cultural attractions in 2 different countries along with fabulous food are some of the reasons to make this mini great circle cruise.

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If you're more interested in the Canadian side of the circle route check out our Eastern Canadian Passage Planner which includes a complete list of print on demand Canadian Charts that are always in stock and up to date. If you need assistance with your passage plans call our navigation experts at or email help bluewaterweb.

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Ross Anderson, Curator of Maritime Archaeology at the Museum, said that the wrecks were found at depths between 12, feet and 12, feet, approximately The wooden sailing ship would have been in the ton range, according to Anderson. Trawling through the data gathered by the research vessels, experts also spotted a large rectangular metal object In contrast, the second wreck discovered was relatively intact, lying upright on the seabed. Analysis of the sonar and video data revealed that it was an iron sailing ship with at least two decks, weighing between 1, and 1, tons.

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The Museum noted that deck rails and stanchions were visible on the bow, and portholes were visible on the stern. Incomplete historical records mean that experts cannot conclusively identify the ships.

Still others believe the German-born captain sank it on purpose. Photo: City of Vancouver Archives.

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Top 10 Mysterious Ghost Ships and Haunted Stories of the Maritime World

Another steel-hulled steamer, the Baychimo worked in the Canadian Arctic until October when it got trapped in the ice. One night they went to sleep, and the next morning when they awoke, the ship was gone.

5 Eerie Maritime Mysteries & Real Life Ghost Ship Stories...

They thought it had sunk, but an Inuit seal hunter swore he saw the ship drifting nearby—and he was right. The following evening, the Coast Guard cutter that was monitoring the S28 from the surface lost contact with the sub. A large slick of diesel fuel surfaced three days later, all but signaling the 49 crew members were lost.

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Many people think they know what happened to the Surcouf , a foot-long French submarine that likely sank somewhere off the Caribbean coast of Panama in February Around the time of its disappearance, an American steamship struck something large underwater about 70 miles from the entrance to the Panama Canal, which is where the Surcouf was heading from Bermuda.


No trace of the Surcouf —which housed a float plane in a hangar onboard the sub—has ever been found. Photo: Warner Bros. On October 28, the last radio call put the ship and its six crew members miles northeast of Sable Island in foot seas and mph winds. A buoy that surfaces when a ship sinks washed up on Sable Island, and the Coast Guard found an empty life raft, but no sign of the boat.

Maritime Mysteries Maritime Mysteries
Maritime Mysteries Maritime Mysteries
Maritime Mysteries Maritime Mysteries
Maritime Mysteries Maritime Mysteries
Maritime Mysteries Maritime Mysteries
Maritime Mysteries Maritime Mysteries

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