Leptoid in my Ear

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I have a moth in my ear!

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Lepisosteiformes Amiiformes. Elopiformes Albuliformes Notacanthiformes Anguilliformes. Osteoglossiformes Hiodontiformes. Argentiniformes Galaxiiformes Salmoniformes Esociformes.

Osmeriformes Stomiiformes. Ateleopodiformes Aulopiformes Myctophiformes Lampriformes Polymixiiformes. Percopsiformes Zeiformes Stylephoriformes Gadiformes. Extant chordate classes. Kingdom Animalia unranked Bilateria Superphylum Deuterostomia. Leptocardii lancelets. Ascidiacea sea squirts Appendicularia larvaceans Thaliacea pyrosomes, salps, doliolids. Myxini hagfish Hyperoartia lampreys.

Chondrichthyes cartilaginous fish: sharks, rays, chimaeras. Actinopterygii ray-finned fish. Amphibia amphibians. Mammalia mammals.


Leptoid in My Ear

Evolution of fish. Evolutionary biology portal. Elasmobranchii Holocephali. Lists of prehistoric fish spiny sharks placoderms cartilaginous bony lobe-finned List of transitional fossils. Prehistoric life Transitional fossils Vertebrate paleontology. Fins , limbs and wings. Limb development Limb morphology digitigrade plantigrade unguligrade uniped biped facultative biped triped quadruped Arthropod Cephalopod Tetrapod dactyly Digit Webbed foot.

Flying and gliding animals Bat wing Bird wing keel skeleton feathers Insect wing Pterosaur wing Wingspan. Evolution of fish Evolution of tetrapods Evolution of birds Origin of birds Origin of avian flight Evolution of cetaceans Comparative anatomy Convergent evolution Analogous structures Homologous structures.

Animal locomotion Gait Robot locomotion Samara Terrestrial locomotion Tradeoffs for locomotion in air and water Rotating locomotion Undulatory locomotion. Rose fish. Chondrostei Neopterygii Cladistia. Tuna are streamlined for straight line speed with a deeply forked tail The swordfish is even faster and more streamlined than the tuna Salmon generate enough thrust with their powerful tail fin to jump obstacles during river migrations Cod have three dorsal and two anal fins , which give them great maneuverability Catfish Flatfish have developed partially symmetric dorsal and pelvic fins Sturgeon Lanternfish Elongated bristlemouth Fangtooth are indifferent swimmers who try to ambush their prey The first spine of the dorsal fin of anglerfish is modified like a fishing rod with a lure Alfonsino King of herrings Cutlassfish European conger are ray-finned fish So are seahorses Mirror dory Mahi-mahi.

Atlantic sturgeon. Chondrostei cartilage bone are primarily cartilaginous fish showing some ossification. Earlier definition of Chondrostei is now known to be paraphyletic meaning that this subclass does not contain all the descendants of their common ancestor. There were 52 species divided among two orders, the Acipenseriformes sturgeons and paddlefishes and the Polypteriformes reedfishes and bichirs.

Reedfish and birchirs are now separated from the Chondrostei into their own sister lineage, the Cladistia.

It is thought that the chondrosteans evolved from bony fish but lost the bony hardening of their cartilaginous skeletons, resulting in a lightening of the frame. No Future In Demons. Steven Samuel Stafford. Haunting Georgiann Baldino. June Dal. Dalcen and The Temple of Sin. Loki Satyn. John Pirillo. Carpe Diem. Michael Loring. Across the Threshold. James Barnes. Ryan Viergutz.


The Crystal Cavern. Love Clearly. Dream Logic. Clint Westgard. Tear Away.

Fin arrangements

Rebecca M. The Last Angel. Terry Hayman. The Substitute. The Love Prince.

Leptoid in my Ear Leptoid in my Ear
Leptoid in my Ear Leptoid in my Ear
Leptoid in my Ear Leptoid in my Ear
Leptoid in my Ear Leptoid in my Ear
Leptoid in my Ear Leptoid in my Ear
Leptoid in my Ear Leptoid in my Ear

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