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She had indeed her hair in front of her face, but I did not heard a baby cry.

The day after I drew her and my aunt recognized her and told me she sees her often at my cousins house. That was also the reason why my little cousin was always crying at their house. Also, I was always outside at night, sitting in front of the house at a manga tree. Nobody ever wanted to go with me, but they never told me why. I wear it a lot of the time. I'm safe. Plus I keep Daggers on a belt at times. Oh I had a dream that my dolls ate my family and me!!

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Wait my dolls where in my room. Why r they in the living room?? Created in by ScaryForKids. Powered by WordPress. Ghost Photos Indonesian Ghost Stories. Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. BieberzMyne 4 taps? Why fo most of the malaysian and indonesion ghosts wtitten here have a hole behind their back? Are the some kinds of robots with those holes charging points?

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The Kuntilanak is often depicted on TV and in horror movies. It is a female, vampire-like demon. Here are all the facts you need to know about this horrifying demon!

The Sultanate was built on the swamps that run along the west coast of Kalimantan the word used to describe the Indonesian part of Borneo island. He built the city anyway and fell victim to the demon. Kuntilanak is usually portrayed long black hair covering most of her face, long sharp nails and a loose white dress. But she only turns into this form when the coffin nail is removed from the back of her neck or head!

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With the nail in place, she appears as a charming woman. They say her appearance is accompanied by the smell of frangipani flowers. She is said to have a hollow back, hence her other name — Sundel Bolong bolong means hollow.

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She can also look beautiful and attractive when she wants to seduce men. It is said that the Kuntilanak got pregnant after she was raped by local landlord. The landlord then blamed her for the pregnancy and outraged villagers buried her alive. The Kuntilanak seduces and traps men before eating their genitalia!

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  3. Indonesian folklore of vengeful female ghosts hold symbols of violence against women.
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  7. Today, the streets of 21st-century Jakarta are not yet safe for women. Indonesia has issued a regulation legalising abortion for rape victims, but its implementation remains elusive. Harsh punishment for rapists would have also spared sundel bolong from having to haunt those villains on her own.



    The plights of these women ghosts, as told by the older generations, serve as a warning about the state of Indonesian women today. The numbers and data should be scary stories for Indonesian women. Policymakers should pursue systematic changes, or we will forever see more women sharing the plights of sundel bolong , kuntilanak and Si Manis Jembatan Ancol. Not only in movies, but in real life as well.

    Suara Kuntilanak Tertawa Dan Menangis Disertai Lolongan Anjing

    This article was originally published in Indonesian. At the frontiers of the urban: thinking concepts and practices globally — London. UEA Inaugural lecture: Behind the thin ideal: the importance of feminism in understanding and treating eating problems — Norwich, Norfolk. Discovering new planets — Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom.

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