Hungry Like a Wolf: A Novel of The Others

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So, this book had a good a bit stereotypical Alpha Male, some hot sexy times, a solid world-building and solid writing. And it had an awful heroine. You can read below why I hate her she is stupid, selfish, egotistic, shallow and dishonest. Examples of her musings and behaviours see below. Another reason to hate her: view spoiler [ So, she decides that she has th I did it! Another reason to hate her: view spoiler [ So, she decides that she has the serious hots for the hot alpha guy.

And when she finds out the big secret of him and his SWAT team colleagues being werewolves, she of course films him and wants to use all this to have a "story". She doesn't even hesitate when he asks her to not write the story. Because the public has a right - like outing people, who serve their fellow citizens and do nothing illegal or immoral have no right to privacy.

And then she does a on that one. And you know why? Because she has the hots for the hot alpha guy who won't forgive her betrayal if she does indeed write the story. So being horny for a guy is a good reason not to write the story, but protecting those men who risk their lives every day is not. I hated her even more. At least I could have respected her as an ice-cold professional who really believes in the public's right to information I don't, not without restrictions to protect innocent peoples' privacy. This way?

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There is nothing she really believes in. She decides to keep silent due to completely selfish reasons. If she didn't want to keep boinking the hot werewolf guy she would have spilled. Here the background: the werewolves are serving as SWAT officers and saving lives. She goes to the crime scene of an ugly hostage situation and decides to visit the building where the criminals are in.

Not cool to risk your own life like this 2. So not cool to potentially hinder the rescue mission. But while she wasn't above using her feminine wiles to get a story, World-class journalists don't get stories with their boobs and asses. Manipulative behaviour is way uncool. Thanks so much for helping all those professional women out there who try hard to be successful without utilizing sexuality. You print those and you'll get my team killed.

You lying bitch. Is nothing holy to you? Those guys risk their lives to save people. I hate you.

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So much. I will have to give a low rating, I know that already. And I am a bit sorry right now, as the world-building and the writing are not bad. But this anti-heroine, who has nothing going for herself but selfishness, stupidity, dishonesty and all-around ass-holery, ruined it already. Did I mention that I hate her? With the force of a thousand suns.

View all 9 comments. Oct 08, Beth rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley , paranormal , own , kindle , romance , urban-fantasy , january Hungry Like the Wolf is an action packed adventure that puts a totally new spin on what it takes to become a werewolf. A secret Mackenzie Stone, journalist, wants to uncover. But Gage Dixon will do everything in his power to protect his team and their secret, even if it means getting close and personal with the irresistible Ms.

Caution: This plot contains a group of strong alpha males in uniform. The entire SWAT team is made up of werewolf shifters. The anticipation could be cut by a knife. I relished in the stories fast pace and action filled scenes but wished there was a little more world building that would give us a deeper connection to the characters.

Hungry Like the Wolf is a great read for those of us who love an action-packed adventure with sexy shifters in uniform.

A Novel of The Others

This book is set for publication January 6, Dec 07, Denisa rated it liked it Shelves: cliche , uf-or-paranormal , from-good-to-meh , meh , romance. So, this book wasn't awful.

Maybe the thing I didn't like was the chemistry, or lack thereof. I get the instalove it annoys the hell out of me but I try not to judge , but the one in this book was so so annoying.

Hungry Like the Wolf - PDF Free Download

It was just strange and it made me feel nothing. Well, I wasn't in a very good mood, so maybe that influenced me a bit. On the other hand, it was pretty fast paced and the writing style was ok again, not bad and not good either, somewhere inbetween. Anyway, it wasn't a bad book, but I can't say it was good either.

It's worth reading only if you really have nothing better to try. Nov 03, Bea rated it liked it Shelves: arc , reviews , ebook , kindle-books , action-mystery-thriller , beas-book-nook , romance , read-in , urban-fantasy , r-at-r.

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  • It's on my Kindle!!!! As police officers. And action. Pardon the expression. I was giddy when I saw this book and knew I wanted to read it.

    Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf

    I was intrigued by the premise of a SWAT team being composed entirely of werewolves. How did so many wolves end up on the team? How do they stay hidden in plain sight? Her attention has been caught by the near perfect track record of the team and their low profile. Pack Alpha Gage at first tries keeping her away but changes his mind and decides to let her in and give her a personal tour. She wants a high-profile story, he wants to protect his pack and team, and they want each other. Apparently these werewolves have built-in Viagra and all-nighters are quite literal. There are sixteen wolves on the team so presumably we will have sixteen stories.

    That said, she does have a couple twists on the werewolf lore and I look forward to seeing more on them. His son led a bank robbery, took hostages, and killed people. He makes several attempts on the team, hoping to exact revenge. The characters are interesting though some of the pack could have been better developed, the sex is hot, and there are some tender moments.

    View all 4 comments. And Gage, whose team is composed of werewolves, is as equally willing to use his own animal magnetism on Mac to protect his pack's secrets. I really liked Hungry Like the Wolf. I liked both the fearless tenacious Mac and the swoon worthy heroic Gage and the pair sizzle together from the start - there is a mate attraction, but it doesn't make it too easy for them. I also liked the the fact that Gage and MacKenzie are at odds over her search for the truth, it provides a good conflict between the pair as a foundation for the story, which is augmented nicely by the friction within the Pack fueled by Mackenzie digging around their turf.

    And to top it off, there's an external threat to the team from a crime boss looking for revenge which provides the opportunity for some good action. I really like the idea of the whole crew of huge alpha male cops, though I'd have liked a bit more male bonding time to go with the testosterone ridden tension permeating the hunky team -with 16 alpha wolves in close proximity the fur will fly. And the romance worked pretty well for me, because Gage holds off on the consummation for a while due to the threat that Mac presents to his team - though I must be getting old, because I did a bit of skimming once the sexy times got more page time less is really more for me.

    View all 3 comments. I had to admit that when I started this, I was a little skeptic yes, I can start a book feeling like that! The thing is, I usually prefer to take Alpha men in small dosage. I know they're big hit among romance readers, but I tend to think Alpha men are so close of being Assholes.

    So my preference in romance leans more towards approachable regular men.

    Hungry Like a Wolf: A Novel of The Others Hungry Like a Wolf: A Novel of The Others
    Hungry Like a Wolf: A Novel of The Others Hungry Like a Wolf: A Novel of The Others
    Hungry Like a Wolf: A Novel of The Others Hungry Like a Wolf: A Novel of The Others
    Hungry Like a Wolf: A Novel of The Others Hungry Like a Wolf: A Novel of The Others
    Hungry Like a Wolf: A Novel of The Others Hungry Like a Wolf: A Novel of The Others

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