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The Marvel Comics version infamously had a higher kill count of named characters than Unicron! Rodimus Prime is often viewed both in-universe and among fans as a Sucksessor to Optimus Prime. He himself often suffers from self-doubt and is prone to second guessing himself. In some universes, he grows out of it and becomes a capable leader in his own right. In others, he's glad to let someone else take over as leader, especially if Optimus is somehow brought back to life. Optimus Prime has two famous fatal flaws: his willingness to sacrifice himself for a noble cause and his unwillingness to fight the war with utter ruthlessness.

The first has become a sort of Running Gag for him, while the second is usually justified by him fearing that fighting the way Megatron does would be his own personal Start of Darkness.

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Visual Novels. Corpse Party : Naomi is very much your typical Tsundere. Cute, but has a tendency to let her temper get the best of her, and is unable to admit her true feelings. Unfortunately, this is not Played for Laughs or seen as cute, as her temper, and inability to apologize, ends up getting Seiko killed. What this really means, though, and the extent to which his distortion reaches, is only fully revealed in the latter routes.

Archer's flaw was his idealism which led him to being estranged from other people and finally executed for crimes he did not commit. He might have accepted this but his idealism also led to him becoming a Counter-Guardian, an existence which consisted solely of killing people rather than saving them. Sakura's fatal flaw is her self image, which is horrible enough to become the primary cause for everything going FUBAR in Heaven's Feel.

Kiritsugu wanted to save the world. It cost him his wife , his daughter , and his life. He admitted that he had never done a single act of good, nor saved a single person, until he pulled Shirou from the fire which was caused by his own actions. Kotomine is unable to find any joy or pleasure in anything good, and can only find satisfaction or happiness in the suffering of others. He struggled for a long time to deny this flaw, to work around it, or to correct it, even going so far as to marry and have a child.

His only sadness upon her death was regret that he hadn't killed her himself. With the help of Gilgamesh , he surrendered to his own need for evil. Saber's selflessness was her downfall in life.

As King Arthur , she chose to become her ideal of the perfect regent, ruling without surrendering to her emotions and taking every action possible for the good and safety of her kingdom. However her perfectly just rule and emotional distance from the people led to many feeling she was in some way inhuman.

This in turn led to civil war started by Mordred, the " son " created by Morgan le Fay whose love she rejected and subsequently allowed to turn to hate , and her death. If Gilgamesh ever ever fought at full power , no one and no Hero in the Holy Grail War would be capable of defeating him.

But due to his arrogance he never fights at his full potential and underestimates his opponents, and thus he gives them just enough of an edge in that overconfidence to surprise and finish him before he can correct his mistake. Explored with each character on Illusionary Trauma , with each route showing the flaw of the character and how it affects them. Quite few show up in the Danganronpa series, and often result in characters dying or killing one another. Mondo Owada's is his temper and sense of inadequacy. In his backstory, he, struggling with feelings of inferiority to his brother Diaiya, challenges Daiya to a race, resulting in Daiya dying to save Mondo.

In Chapter 2, he, jealous of Chihiro's sense of strength, and emotionally disturbed at the prospect of the aforementioned incident coming to light, accidentally kills Chihiro in a fit of rage. Peko Pekoyama is unable to see herself as anything other than Fuyuhiko's tool , viewing herself and everyone else as expendable, which leads her to kill Mahiru under the assumption that Fuyuhiko would be considered the true mastermind, and thus graduate after everyone else convicted her.

Fuyuhiko and Mahiru both have fairly hot tempers and argumentative personalities, which frequently causes them to butt heads.

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Because of this, their meeting to discuss what happened in "Twilight Syndrome Murder Mystery" which reveals that Fuyuhiko killed Mahiru's friend in revenge for his little sister's death , quickly gets out of hand, resulting in Peko killing Mahiru out of a belief that Fuyuhiko wanted Mahiru dead. Kaede Akamatsu has a tendency to push her own personal sense of justice what she believes is "right" , regardless of the consequences, which leads her to setting a trap to catch the Mastermind, even though she doesn't even know for definite that there is one.

There is a mastermind, but Kaede's attempt to set a trap and kill the mastermind results in her being framed for the mastermind killing Rantaro, and thus being executed. Gonta Gokuhara is very gullible, which makes him easily manipulated by Kokichi and really comes back to bite him when Kokichi manipulates him to killing Miu.

Miu Iruma's is cowardice, as she is unable to put aside her fear that one of the other students may kill her and use her talent to work together, thus leading to her plotting to kill Kokichi and graduate, an attempt that is thwarted when Gonta kills her on Kokichi's suggestion. Tenko Chabashira's protectiveness over Himiko almost directly results in her death, literally volunteering to take Himiko's face in a death trap, albeit unknowingly. Kaito Momota's arbitrary trust in people is often completely misguided, and while he does have a point about The Power of Friendship , this attitude nearly gets everyone killed in the fourth chapter because the Awful Truth is too much for him to bear.

Kokichi's is his constant lying to everyone. Though his lying tendencies do help out the group and allow him to outwit the culprits several times, it also gets in the way when he's genuinely trying to accomplish a goal and the other students don't believe him. It really comes back to bite him in the aftermath of Chapter Four Miu and Gonta are dead, which is almost entirely his fault, and the group turn their backs on him when he falsely claims to be the Mastermind.

When the group are shown a Flashback Light concerning Ultimate Despair, they assume Kokichi is a member. When Kokichi kidnaps Kaito, Maki goes after Kokichi and confronts him. When Kokichi tells her truthfully that he has no idea what she's talking about, Maki naturally doesn't believe him and shoots him with a poisoned arrow, which will slowly kill him. Makoto Itou, the protagonist of School Days , is a poor communicator and extremely indecisive, traits that do not serve him well when multiple girls start fighting for his affections.

In the bad endings, these flaws can be literally fatal for either him or one of the girls he's involved with. How it's played depends on the particular adaptation.

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In the original visual novel this can be played straight or subverted since the player controls Makoto's choices. In the anime he's these with a heaping of Jerkass thrown in for good measure. In the manga it's played more sympathetically, with Makoto being more genuinely unable to decide on what to do, but because he takes too long to commit to a decision, the situation still ends tragically.

Mark Seven - The Fatal Flaw in Disco (u 4 ria)

In The House in Fata Morgana , two of the three people who ended up killing Morgana have serious fatal flaws that result in everything going wrong for all of them. Mell's is cowardice. He imprisons Morgana from his fear of Yukimasa, in spite of his beliefs that he's doing wrong.

He refuses to tell anyone or speak against the lord and Yukimasa because he's afraid. It is noted that while his fear is understandable, it ultimately ended up causing Morgana's death. Jacopo's is pride. In his pride, he refuses to talk to anybody about his problems , which only makes everything worse for everyone and ends up in him killing almost everyone he cared about before he became a lord, and dying by one of the few remaining ones in turn.

Shinrai: Broken Beyond Despair Rie's fatal flaw, by her own admission, is her adamant refusal to suspect her friends of any wrongdoing, especially not her best friend Runa, even when faced with the possibility that there's a murderer among them. This leads to some friction between her and Taiko, the latter of whom's investigating the killings and considers Runa a possible suspect, although Runa is, indeed, innocent. Taiko's fatal flaw is his tendency to let his friendship with Kotoba cloud his judgment. To his credit, he doesn't hesitate to call Kotoba out when he takes his perverted antics too far, but he's also initially unwilling to believe that Kotoba was stalking Momoko, or that she'd used him in her plan.

After Kotoba is badly burned or killed depending on player choices as a result of the killer's plan, Taiko becomes irrational, and insists that Kamen is guilty, even though his theory has more than a few holes in it. Momoko's fatal flaw is her trust issues.

In the past, she was overly trusting, resulting in many people taking advantage of her. As a result, she became unable to trust others, apart from her best friend Kamen and her boyfriend Hiro, and it took two years for her to truly open up to the former. Runa suspects that if Momoko was betrayed by either of the two people closest to her, it would break her, and for good reason. When Kamen tried to warn Momoko that Hiro tried to cheat on her with Kamen, Momoko refused to believe her, and threatened to end their friendship if Kamen continued trying to get between them.

Momoko then discovered messages from Hiro on Kamen's phone, and concluding that Hiro and Kamen had betrayed her, plotted to murder Hiro, kill herself and frame Kamen. Web Animation. Happy Tree Friends : Almost all the characters have fatal flaws. Lumpy is inept at everything he does, Nutty is constantly hyperactive and addicted to sugar. Flaky has fears and phobias about just about anything and everything. These flaws do indeed prove to be fatal by the end of the episode.

Flippy's untreated post-traumatic stress disorder, always proves to be fatal for everyone else around him by the end of the episode.


A Character's Fatal Flaw: The Vital Element for Bringing Characters to Life

RWBY : Yang's short temper and berserker tendencies repeatedly put her in danger. She was easily frustrated when she couldn't land a hit on Neo and could not attack precisely because of it, leading to her getting knocked unconscious and almost killed. Adam Taurus deliberately exploited it by injuring Blake, sending Yang into a rage.

Yang attacks fist-first, which allows Adam to easily cut off her arm. While she's recovering from her injuries, her father lectures her about this weakness and guides her in what she needs to do to start overcoming it.

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  2. Character flaw.
  3. The President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR): Funding Issues After a Decade of Implementation, FY2004-FY2013!

Cinder has a nasty combination of egomania, sadism, and an insatiable hunger for power. She wants to be powerful and feared at the expense of everyone else. If someone she perceives as beneath her gets the better of her, she will pay them back in the worst way possible, even if doing so is either pointless or detrimental to the longterm plan. If she thinks there's a way to fulfill her mission and get what she wants she'll go for it, no matter how risky it is.

Her cruel, arrogant lust for power finally gets the better of her near the end of Volume 5. When she learned that Ruby and her friends were at Haven, she confronted them when ignoring them would have gotten them to their goal so much faster, her spiteful attack on Weiss because Jaune got in a lucky hit lead to Jaune unlocking his Semblance and her attempt to steal that Maiden Power by attacking Vernal lead to her being blindsided and defeated by the real Maiden, Raven.

He possesses the charisma to lead Vale's faction of the White Fang in any endeavour he supports; even when many Faunus lose their lives during the Volume 2 finale, he is confident that his followers will continue to do his bidding. Claiming he's inspired by Sienna's strength, he joins forces with Salem to destroy Beacon Academy.

Sienna is furious because Adam cannot see that his actions have justified humanity's hatred and fear of the Faunus and that the White Fang is now more of a target than it ever was.

Fatal Flaw Fatal Flaw
Fatal Flaw Fatal Flaw
Fatal Flaw Fatal Flaw
Fatal Flaw Fatal Flaw
Fatal Flaw Fatal Flaw
Fatal Flaw Fatal Flaw

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