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My dad said I could be a cruise director or a captain or whatever I wanted. It depends on the country you come from. Being American, I could have gone through an academy, which is what I did, or I could have started sailing without a license and then put in the time at sea and taken the exams when I could.

"Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen (MattyBRaps & Cimorelli) "Don't Call Me Baby" Cover

The academy was a lot more organized and structured with schooling and exams as part of the curriculum. I also could have gone the military route and joined the Navy. As a cadet I worked on banana boats, taking boats between California and Ecuador. I was unhappy doing [this] because I knew I wanted to be on a cruise ship. I ended up applying to Disney as a bartender and was too qualified for that, probably because I had never been a bartender before, so they passed my C.

That was great, but Disney only had two ships and not much room for growth. From to I worked my way up, from the entry level position of second officer, progressing through first officer deck, first officer navigation, first officer safety, chief officer safety and staff captain.

I have only worked on international flagships where everyone is a minority of some sort.

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Most of us have a different religion, sexual orientation, nationality. When I was promoted I never got negative judgment from the crew, and I think the secret is that I was always surrounded by diversity. There used to be the wrath of the captain. Those captains were older, stricter men and they ran the ships very differently.

I love change and wanted to be part of a something that was bringing such innovation and a new level to the cruising industry.

Don’t Call Me Princess! – the backstory.

Everything about this ship is revolutionary. It is the first ship to be designed using a 3-D virtual-reality lab. People expect to see that, but on new ships what you see is a wheel smaller than the wheel in your car. On one ship we brought the big wheel from a show and would have people and have them steer. It was a fantastic prop.

What sparked your interest in sailing?

On a frosty morning, a jogger finds the body of man whose skull was stoved in. They were planning to meet.

In her foggy memories, Kate recalls driving a car and seeing the man in her headlights. But her captor keeps something from her and slowly a splinter of memory comes back, something she cannot reconcile with his version of events.

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She must escape and get home to understand the truth of what transpired and in doing so she risks much more than her freedom. The truth lies fifteen years in the past when her mother died. Kate must confront those deepest darkest memories to move on. It has been heavily researched and explores many psychological phenomena such as cognitive dissonance, trauma induced psychosis, memory loss and neuroplasticity. What are people saying.

Call Me Kate Call Me Kate
Call Me Kate Call Me Kate
Call Me Kate Call Me Kate
Call Me Kate Call Me Kate
Call Me Kate Call Me Kate
Call Me Kate Call Me Kate
Call Me Kate Call Me Kate
Call Me Kate Call Me Kate

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